Take the perspective of an eagle!
Together we can increase efficiency and effectivity of your Sales department

And with that we also increase sturdiness, revenue and competitiveness of your company.

  1. Practice-oriented strategy consulting,
  2. With individual workshops and coaching for implementation
  3. And the ability, to connect two contrary paradigms.

Thinking of an engineer <--> modern Marketing and Sales methods.
Creating synergies for your company‘s success is our mission and our success!

Technology companies normally have innovative, high-quality products and solutions.

Processes for development, production, quality and logistics are optimized and there are perfect key performance indicators in these area. But what happens with sales? Or even with marketing? Read more


Marketing is mostly made up of methods from classical B2C textbooks. How does it help if a technology company was told to increase “brand awareness“ and “addressing the emotional level of the potential buyer“ by using “multichannel content marketing“? It does not help at all! You need concepts that are understandable, practice-oriented and measurable, that fit the sector. Read more


The bald eagle is a strong symbol! Read more

Kompetenz Team

With Geh Consulting you have a team of experts, who work coordinately and everyone works in their area of expertise in management, sales and marketing. With that we assure you that all essential topics are dealt with by experts.


What our clients say about us

"We have revised our strategic marketing with Mr Geh and we now experience daily how our company is developing into a sales driven enterprise by understanding sales processes. These were important components for the introduction on the market for our new machine series."
ppa. Wolfgang Ziemann, Director of Sales Handtmann A-Punkt Automation GmbH, Baienfurt
ppa. Wolfgang Ziemann
Director of Sales Handtmann A-Punkt Automation GmbH, Baienfurt
"By cooperating with Mr Geh our company got a success boost. Even with difficult environment of EMS with higher competitive pressure, now we can make a higher distinction, have new customers on a regular basis and we are able to expand our business continually. "
Marco Balling, Productware GmbH
Marco Balling
Productware GmbH